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The End of Fake COVID-19 Prevention Medical Supplies and PPE

From 1-April 2020, all COVID-19 Prevention Medical Supplies that have not obtained the CFDA certificate are not allowed to export,If you purchase medical devices without CFDA certificate or fake certificate, you will face huge losses !

You can Look up China NMPA / CFDA approved medical device manufacturers and validate the CFDA certificate in here !

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China NMPA
CFDA Certificate Validation
Free search is only for Chinese Letter,English validation need staff manual conduct. NMPA / CFDA Certificate Number证书编号 Medical Device Name产品名称 Manufacturer Name制造商
Covid-19 Test Kits
China NMPA/CFDA approved Covid-19 Test Kits, Coronavirus diagnostic reagents, Nucleic acid test Reagent
Medical Surgical Mask
China NMPA/CFDA approved Medical Surgical Mask, Disposable Medical Mask, General Medical Mask

KN95 Respirator Mask
China NMPA/CFDA approved KN95 Medical Protective Respirator,N95 Respirator Mask,
Medical Face Shield
China NMPA/CFDA approved Medical Face Shield, Medical goggles, Medical goggles,
Medical Protective Suit
China NMPA/CFDA approved Medical Protective Suit,Protective clothing, Isolation gown
Infrared Thermometer
China NMPA/CFDA approved Infrared thermometer, ear thermometer, forehead thermometer
China NMPA/CFDA approved Ventilator, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, ECMO, Life monitor
Hand Sanitizers
China National Health Commission approved Hand Sanitizers, Antiseptic Detergent,

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